Dynamics Customer Engagement - Case Management

We offer a simple case management solution which allows you to create and configure multiple services/processes.

Services can be tailored to suit your organisation. Our solution dashboard allows services to be searched for and/or launched from a dashboard and/or contact forms. Also included is a FAQ/Knowledge base functionality to give quick access to relevant information. 

Dynamics Customer Engagement - BTS Housing Solution

We can also provide an accelerator to provide a flexible model designed specifically for housing, removing the need for Housing Associations to design and build their solution from scratch.

This includes an entity relationship design to accommodate all the core housing data relevant to property, person, tenancy and accounts.


Additional helpful dynamics functions such as the following can also be provided: 

· Displaying maps on entity forms based on address information

· SMS functionality using Essendex, Twillo and others. Send and receives modes available as well as a survey mode.

· Configure and display alerts on entities or as notifications to users (Rent Arrears, Vulnerable person, Disrepair etc.)

· Integration using web services and API's